Cognitive Science??

  • cognitive science is a multidisciplinary field that concern on human ability, artificial intelligence and others that regarding to the mind and cognition


  • The multidisciplinary areas

  • Artificial Intelligence Neurobiology
    Cognitive Neuroscience Neuropharmacology
    Cognitive Science Neuropsychology
    Computational Neuroscience Neuroscience
    Linguistics Psychology
  • possible careers

  • Behavioral Neuroscientist Neuroimmunologist
    Biomedical Science Journalist Neuroimaging Technician
    Child Psychologist Neuropharmacologist
    Counseling Psychologist Neurophysiologist
    Computation Neuropsychologist
    Ergonomics Neuroscientist
    Environmental Design Pharmaceutical Representative
    Forensic Psychologist Professor
    Geriatric Psychologist Research Administrator
    Government Adviser Robotics
    Intellisense Science Teacher
    Laboratory Manager Sports Psychologist
    Molecular Biologist Substance Abuse Counselor
    Neurochemist Telecommunications


Hot Trends in Psychology


~ by penawarsyifaa on February 26, 2011.

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